Development & Growth: of sons and daughters who are living in purity and walking in power because they love and are loved by God.

"I found my true identity as a child of God"
"Life Changing, Empowering, Impacting, Stretching, Character Building, Destiny Shaping..."
"Deliverance, Healing, Growth, Stretching, Truth, Kingdom, Mentality, Emotional, Foundational..."
"Learning who I am in Christ, Knowing and learning the Truth. Sonship. A place to grow with love and acceptance. Building a relationship with Christ."
"Love, Acceptance, Relationships"
"Totally transformed!! Truly LIVING the scriptures, radically full out 24/7"

The Objective of The School of Supernatural is three-fold

1. To build a solid foundation using the same foundational building blocks that Jesus teaches (1 Corinthians 3:10 - 14, 2 Timothy 2:19)

2. To encourage students to become strong in their faith so they can end their race well (1 Corinthians 9:24)

3. To see students enabled by the Holy Spirit to walk in power and humility. (Acts 1:8. John 5:30, John 15:5)

The Year

mid-September to mid-May

Monday - Thursday 8:45am to 1:30pm

Saturday and/or Sunday morning prayer & worship

Financial Information

Non-Refundable $35 application fee

Tuition: $3,800 (tuition includes ipad for class notes)

Extra Expenses: Missions Trip +/- $1,700 (depending on CAD)

Auditing Classes: Individuals wishing to audit a class may do so at a cost of $15/day

Course Description

- Major emphasis on Bible based teachings right along side practical application while building relationships among each other.

- Building individuals strong in foundation to minister to all ages of people throughout life and ministry.

Courses Include

- Kingdom Culture

- Nursery/Childrens/Youth/Adult (Women's Ministry), Lodge/Long Term Care Training

- Spiritual Warfare

- In Depth Character Building (based on 10 commandments & beatitudes)

- Exegesis and Preaching

- Foundational teachings based on Sermon on the Mount

- Prayer

- Spiritual Gifts

- Prophesy

- Sonship

- Missions/Ministry Training

- Additions to your Faith

- Bible

- Discipleship

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