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Sonshine Out of School Care line_edited.
Monday to Friday 6am - 5:30pm.
Transportation to and from School
Includes school and non school days*
Not open statutory holidays or Christmas break
(see parent handbook for further detail)

Out Of School Care

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Let the children come to ME, for of such is the kingdom of God (Luke 18:16)

The foundation of Sonshine out of school care is unconditional, Christ-like (centered) love for all children and their families. We believe that all children are created uniquely by God and need unique interactions and experiences with people around them. We believe that the perfect place for children to learn is in a healthy family environment. At Sonshine OSC our goal is to create a safe and loving environment for children to grow and develop in. All children will be treated with unconditional love.

Our goal is to create the best opportunity for success in each child’s life through OSC staff and parents partnering together. Children will learn about the love of God, the gift of friendship and many valuable life skills through developmentally appropriate experiences. Here we love, laugh and learn together.

Stargazers Classroom

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Licensed For 19 Children

Contact us:

780-662-3415 ext.2

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